January wrap up + February TBR

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January was not as horrible as I was anticipating. I was still stressed, as a semester ended at school and I had so many final projects and assignments. I read 3 books which is less than what I was hoping starting out a new year, but I loved them all! I hope everyone else’s year is starting out well 🙂


February TBR

I meant to read East last month but that didn’t happen so hopefully it happens in February. Also I can get the audio book for Always and forever Lara jean so I am interested in how the series ends!

I am very exited to read Circe and In an absent dream so I really hope I can get it from the library this month.


A bonus if I cant get In an absent dream from the library in time i will read Nevernight 🙂

Thanks for reading 🙂


TTT The 10 most recent additions to my TBR


Top ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl and this weeks topic is The Ten Most Recent Additions to My To-Read List.

  • The City of Brass
  • The Priory of the Orange Tree
  • Foundryside
  • The novice
  • The storm crow
  • Skyward
  • Fake blood
  • Keeper of the lost cities
  • Wilder girls
  • The truth about keeping secrets

Thanks for reading 🙂

Review: Girls of paper and fire


Each year, eight beautiful girls are chosen as Paper Girls to serve the king. It’s the highest honor they could hope for…and the most cruel.

But this year, there’s a ninth girl. And instead of paper, she’s made of fire.

In this lush fantasy, Lei is a member of the Paper caste, the lowest and most oppressed class in Ikhara. She lives in a remote village with her father, where the decade-old trauma of watching her mother snatched by royal guards still haunts her. Now, the guards are back, and this time it’s Lei they’re after–the girl whose golden eyes have piqued the king’s interest.

Over weeks of training in the opulent but stifling palace, Lei and eight other girls learn the skills and charm that befit being a king’s consort. But Lei isn’t content to watch her fate consume her. Instead, she does the unthinkable–she falls in love. Her forbidden romance becomes enmeshed with an explosive plot that threatens the very foundation of Ikhara, and Lei, still the wide-eyed country girl at heart, must decide just how far she’s willing to go for justice and revenge.

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I gave this book 5 stars I absolutely loved it. The world building, the characters, the romance it was all so good! The fact that I could read a lesbian romance in a fantasy, I died a little bit from happiness.

I will give a huge trigger warning for sexual assault and abuse, if you are sensitive to those things definitely do not read it. It is set in a very awful world where humans are oppressed by demons. The king is a nasty and abusive and takes these paper girls as his concubines.

The story is not all as dark as it sounds, that’s why I loved Lei and Wren so much. Not only do we have a story of these papergirls falling in love but they are both so stong and fight their oppression by the demon king. Throughout the story we start with a broken girl stolen from her home and family, and slowly the fire builds within her and she becomes a fighter. I loved that because we get to feel her pain but also grow with her as a character.

If you like dark fantasy worlds, with forbidden romance, and revenge you will love this book.

Side note the ending has me rattled, the minute I put it down I was frantically googling if there is a sequel. If you have read it please tell me there is going to be a another book!!

Thanks for reading 🙂

The unpopular opinions book tag


I’m not sure who made this tag but I saw someone do it and i thought it looked fun 🙂 so here we go!

A popular book or series that you didn’t like?


The mortal instruments! I honestly don’t know why it’s so popular?

A popular book or series that everyone seems to hate but you love?


The wicked deep, I read a lot of negative reviews but I loved the book.

A love triangle where your ship didn’t sail?


I really didn’t like peter when I read the first book and I still don’t really like him, but he was so different in the movie. Anyway I actually really ended up liking John in this one so I am sad lol.

A popular book  genre that you hardly reach for?

Romance or mystery books

A popular or beloved character that you do not like?


I’m not sure if he is that popular but I absolutely hate Dorian, I don’t know what it is I just don’t like him.

A popular author that you can’t seem to get into?

Terry pratchett and Cassandra Clare

A popular book trope that your tired of seeing?

When a female main character needs a guy to save her, I just want some more strong female characters!

A common series that you have no interest in reading?

An adaption you liked better than the book?


The book wasn’t bad I just think the movie is better.

Thanks for reading 🙂 what are your unpopular opinions?

TTT My newly found favourite authors of 2018


Top ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl and this weeks topic is New-to-Me Authors I Read In 2018 but I will be talking about My newly found favourite authors of 2018 because I read a lot of books by authors I didnt know.

  • Victoria Schwab
  • Seanan McGuire
  • Tomi Adeyemi
  • Becky Albertalli
  • Shea Ernshaw
  • Emily X.R. Pan

Thanks for reading 🙂

Down the TBR hole #6

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Down the TBR hole was created by Lia at Lost in a Story . The goal of this meme is to organize your TBR pile and get rid of books you no longer have any interest in reading.

The Rules:

  1. Go to your Goodreads To-Read shelf.
  2. Order on ascending date added.
  3. Take the first 5 (or 10 if you’re feeling adventurous) books
  4. Read the synopses of the books
  5. Decide: keep it or should it go?
  6. Repeat every week until the entire list has been filtered.

The books:


I love reading books about mental health, I am a bit afraid it might be one of those books where a guy comes and all her problems are solved. I will hope that’s not the case and give it a try.

Verdict: Keep


It sounds kind of cool but the reviews aren’t very good and I don’t really care enough to read it…

Verdict: GO


This has been sitting on my tbr for a long time but I am really not a fan of classics so I will probably never read it.

Verdict: GO


Again I love reading about mental health so I will eventually read this.

Verdict: Keep


This books sounds pretty cool and the cover is absolutely amazing so I definitely want to give it a try.

Verdict: Keep

Thanks for reading 🙂