April wrapup + May TBR

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April was an awful month both reading and life wise. I have been so stressed I cant even do the stuff I love to do like reading and blogging. I was in a slump for 2 weeks but I still managed to read something this month! Anyway sorry to be so depressing but I might be taking a bit of a break from blogging to maintain my sanity haha. I hope everyone had a good month though!



I got radio silence in the mail and I am very exited to read it because I have heard such great things. Also I thought I was going to get the love and lies of rukhsana ali last month but the library hold took way longer than I thought so it is now for this month.

Same thing for on the come up. I should definitely get it soon but I am not sure about the umbrella academy who knows. When do I ever actually stick to my tbr anyway haha

Thanks for reading πŸ™‚


March wrapup + April TBR

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March is over!! Which means I am going back to school tomorrow from spring break ugh. You would think I got a lot of reading done over my break but no… I ended up running a whole lot of errands and doing the annual spring cleaning. On a good note I finally read six of crows!! I am so proud of myself, its a pretty great book once you get into it.


April TBR


I am planning to read both of these on audio book from my library, I waited since January to get Circe! I am so exited for both of these though.


I am not sure how I haven’t read this savage song yet, considering Victoria Schwab is my favourite author! Also I am dying to read The love and lies of Rukhsana Ali, it sounds so good! I really want to read more books with queer girls as main characters πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading πŸ™‚ I hope everyone had a great month!

February wrapup + March TBR

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February was an interesting month, I was very busy crying over my pre-calculus homework and worrying about my future. Anyway East took me the entire month to read so I read 2 graphic novels and 2 audio books as well, which isn’t that bad!


March TBR

I never thought I would be reading the cruel prince in a million years, mostly because fairies aren’t my thing. My library has the digital audio book so I thought why not, its easy enough to return if I don’t like it. Also I have said I am going to read six of crows so many times so lets hope I actually read it this time lol.

I am so hyped to read Next year in Havana!!! It is also about time I actually finish the Percy Jackson series haha. I may or may not stick to this TBR depending on library holds and I have no clue when I will finally get them 😭


I just watched Love Simon for the first time a few days ago and loved it! So now I feel super in the mood for Leah on the off beat.

Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

January wrap up + February TBR

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January was not as horrible as I was anticipating. I was still stressed, as a semester ended at school and I had so many final projects and assignments. I read 3 books which is less than what I was hoping starting out a new year, but I loved them all! I hope everyone else’s year is starting out well πŸ™‚


February TBR

I meant to read East last month but that didn’t happen so hopefully it happens in February. Also I can get the audio book for Always and forever Lara jean so I am interested in how the series ends!

I am very exited to read Circe and In an absent dream so I really hope I can get it from the library this month.


A bonus if I cant get In an absent dream from the library in time i will read Nevernight πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

December wrap up + Jan TBR

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Let me just start by saying I barely read this month. aah!!! I was trying to end all my classes strong before winter break and also just enjoy my holidays even though life is literally falling apart. So even though I am kind of sad I didn’t read all that much I don’t blame myself, December was a crazy month.


My January TBR

I am finally listening to the audio book for The half blood prince which is my favourite harry potter book πŸ™‚ Also I am very exited to read East

I would really love to get to The Assassin’s blade and Nevermoor in January too!

Thanks for reading πŸ™‚ how was everyone’s December?

November Wrapup + December TBR

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November was an amazing reading month considering I gave almost everything 5 stars!! Though not everything was sunshine and rainbows, I really struggled blogging wise. I have been so focused on my homework and getting everything done I was constantly forgetting to write posts. I want to focus a bit more on blogging for December so I can end the year on a good note πŸ™‚


My December TBR


Girls of Paper and fire and Vengeful were my two most hyped books of the whole year and now I am so exited to read them both asap!


I have not shut up about Saga recently but I am addicted now I just need to read them all haha

And a bonus I got an Arc of Cogheart so I will be reading that as well!

Thanks for reading πŸ™‚ How was your November?

October Wrapup + November tbr

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Happy Halloween everyone!! OctoberΒ was so much better than September and it went by so fast! I’m more settled into school now, but I still have tons of work and I have been in a lowkey reading slump ugh. I read 4 books though which is better than nothing haha


My November TBR:

  • Hollow city
  • Aru shah and the end of time
  • The girl who drank the moon
  • Six of crows


  • Saga

This one is a bonus if I can find it in the library. I don’t normally read graphic novels either so I am exited!

Thanks for reading πŸ™‚ I hope everyone had a good month!