Book Haul


This is my first book haul because I normally don’t buy a lot of books. I did buy some in August/ September and now I’m getting them in the mail so here we go 🙂

Book depository:

I am so exited about these, Especially because I was really hyped up for City of ghosts and it was only like $10 on BD!

Thrift store finds!


You can always find Twilight books in thrift stores ALWAYS. Also I saw Eragon and thought awesome! Why not?

I won a giveaway!! from Roachie’s reviews


I asked for Vicious because it my favourite book and I still didn’t own it! Also the specific newer cover is so awesome!!

Chapters sale!


There was a 30% off for a sale at chapters 🙂 so I got Truthwitch!

Thanks for reading 🙂 Also sorry for my crappy pictures haha we cant all be like those amazing bookstagramers


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