WWW Wednesday

WWW Wednesday

Today is a weekly meme WWW Wednesday originally hosted by A Daily Rhythm, and revived by Taking on a World of Words.

All you have to do is answer the following questions.

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you finish recently reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently reading

I started both of these and so far so good! I am really liking Spectacle even though I am not a huge murder mystery person.

Finished Recently

I really enjoyed Autoboyography and I actually learned a lot about Mormons which I wasn’t expecting. For We set the dark on fire I loved the world and relationships, but I didn’t love the ending.

Reading next

These have both been on my TBR for a long time so I am hoping to read these next, even though I don’t know if I will like them. I have heard great things about Little fires everywhere so I hope it lives up.

Happy reading 🙂


Summer book recommendations

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As someone who reads dark fantasy books all year, summer is the time I look for light/ easy reads that tend to be romances. So here are some books I really liked and didn’t think were cheesy at all if there is romance.

Her royal highness was an adorable romance between a normal girl and a Scottish princess. Call me by your name is a summer romance in Italy, covering the infatuation of first love.

With the fire on high has a little bit of romance but focuses on the hard work she puts into achieving her dreams and taking care of her daughter. A very large expanse of sea is about a Muslim girl after 9/11 who has put up a lot of walls to deal with the constant harassment. A boy named ocean tries to break down those walls and really get to know her.

Sheets and The sisterhood of the traveling pants are lighthearted books about friendship and grief that is perfect for the summer time.

Happy reading 🙂

TTT Cover Redesigns I Loved/Hated


Top ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl and this weeks topic is Cover Redesigns I Loved/Hated

I like both covers but the first one doesn’t have a very nice font and the one on the right looks a lot more polished.

I love the cover with the dog, the first one with just a nose is just so weird and plain.

The first one is kind of weird and it looks like she is wearing a wedding dress. I think everyone agrees that the eye cover is a lot better.

Throne of glass is another big one. I don’t think the first one is that bad but the illustration is so much cooler.

This is the only one where I prefer the original! The first cover is amazing and the second one just kind of looks like some beads.

Thanks for reading 🙂 which covers do you prefer?

July wrapup + August TBR

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I have been on summer vacation so I got tons of reading done. I tackled priory of the orange tree and eight other books which is great for me. I am so exited for August because it is my birthday month!



August TBR

I don’t normally go for mysteries but Truly devious just sounds so interesting to be so I really want to read it. I have been dying to read Spectacle since it came out so I am really exited for that as well.

Both Shadow of the fox and Sorcery of thorns are fantasy books I think I will really like.

We are the lost and found was described as similar to another book I really loved so I decided to request the arc. After watching beautiful boy I really wanted more so I am exited to read the sons book tweak and see what I think.

Happy reading 🙂

Summer Bucket List Book Tag


Its summer time!! I thought this was a perfect tag and really wanted to do it 🙂

The Rules:

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  • Feel free to use any of my graphics in your post, or create your own!
  • Tag 5 other people at the end of your post, and let them know you’ve tagged them.

Hit the beach – A book set by the water


This cursed town is right next to the water and it plays a big part in the story because three sisters were drowned for witchcraft, and they come back every year for revenge.

Watch Fireworks – A book that had a fiery romance


The romance in this book was amazing and definitely fiery! The fact that it was against the rules and they are pretty much risking their lives to be with each other just makes it even better.

Go for a road trip – A book That involves a journey


A journey is an understatement, Rose was born to explore and a good portion of this book is traveling through crazy snowy conditions.

Camp under the stars – A book that left you star struck


This book was so amazing I was left in awe, it felt almost like watching a movie.

Marathon some movies – A book you couldn’t put down


I don’t know what it was about this book I just read it really quickly.

Go out for Ice cream – A book with a sweet romance


I absolutely loved the romance in this book and the sweet interior to Flora despite her hard exterior.

Picnic in the park – A book that was a breath of fresh air


This book was so perfect and the way they covered so many hard themes was really a breath of fresh air.

Go for a hike – A character who conquered an obstacle


Saga is perfect because all the odds are against them and they just keep going and getting through it all.

Grill some BBQ – A book featuring delicious food


This one works great for a sweet romance too but food is such a huge part of the story because the main character has some awesome cooking abilities.

Watch the sunrise – A book that inspired you


The main characters drive and courage to get an education and create a cure for the new disease ravaging her community was pretty inspiring.

Thanks for reading 🙂

WWW Wednesday

WWW Wednesday

Today is a weekly meme WWW Wednesday originally hosted by A Daily Rhythm, and revived by Taking on a World of Words.

All you have to do is answer the following questions.

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you finish recently reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently reading


I have been planning on reading this for a long time so I am finally doing it! So far I am liking it, I have no complaints.

Finished recently

With the fire on high was so good I really enjoyed the story and the characters! Save the date didn’t really live up to my expectations it was kind of mediocre and there was way too many characters.

Reading next


That’s right, The priory of the orange tree! I thought what a better time than summer to tackle this ginormous beast of a book. I told myself if I don’t read it now I never will so I am picking it up from the library.

Happy reading 🙂

Review: Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe

12000020Aristotle is an angry teen with a brother in prison. Dante is a know-it-all who has an unusual way of looking at the world. When the two meet at the swimming pool, they seem to have nothing in common. But as the loners start spending time together, they discover that they share a special friendship—the kind that changes lives and lasts a lifetime. And it is through this friendship that Ari and Dante will learn the most important truths about themselves and the kind of people they want to be.



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I went into this book thinking I wasn’t really going to like it, but it quickly became a new favourite. My life is so different from the main character but I still felt like I could completely relate to him and his inner monologue, which is why this book made me feel so many feelings. It is a coming of age novel that dives into ptsd, bottling up emotions, and repressing who you are.

Aristotle’s family really gives the story more depth because his dad is a war vet who never talks about the nightmares he has. On top of that his brother is in prison and his family just pretends he doesn’t exist and they don’t talk about any of it. All the silence really builds up and you can tell it really bothers him, it all comes out as anger which I think is really normal and realistic.

The character development is so amazing for the entire family not just the main character. What I loved the most was the relationship between Aristotle and Dante, it’s beautiful and complicated and I wanted to see so much more after I finished the book.

If you are interested in LGBT+ coming of age books this is perfect. I think if you are interested in psychology it would be a pretty cool read as well just because there is so much emotion and family/identity issues to unpack.

Thanks for reading 🙂